Preschool Parents


Thank you for choosing or considering EYAS Preschool.  We look forward to helping your son or daughter learn some necessary developmental skills and to encourage a love for lifelong learning during their time in our nest.  Here you will find some general information and guidelines.


Preschool Days

Hoffman Estates High School calendar follows an A/B schedule.  This means that one week classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the following week classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday.  EYAS preschool follows this same schedule.  Preschool will not meet on district half days.  Occasionally a preschool day will need to be skipped due to curriculum needs or other school based needs.  Please refer to the calendar on this webpage for preschool days.  There will also be a monthly calendar and notices of any changes sent home with your preschooler.



Preschoolers are encouraged to wear play clothes and gym shoes. We will regularly plan lessons and activities that help develop both small and large motor skills. These lessons can include active and sometimes messy play and arts and crafts.  Preschoolers should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes. Paint smocks will be provided but kids will be kids and not all messes can be avoided.  EYAS preschool is not responsible for any stains or damage that may occur to clothing and other belongings.  It is highly encouraged that your preschoolers name be placed on all belongings to help ensure their proper return.


Child Safety

Keeping our EYAS safe is top priority to being in our nest.  To best do this we practice fire, tornado and lock-down drills with our high school teachers and the preschoolers throughout the school year.  During all drills children are paired one on one with a high school teacher to help keep them both physically and emotionally safe and reassured.  Whenever preschoolers are moved out of the preschool room for activities and or arrival or dismissal they will be individually paired with a high school teacher and escorted as well.



The doors to EYAS preschool are always open for parents to visit.  Prospective preschool families are also welcome to come visit and see what we are about.  Any parent coming to visit current and prospective are expected to make arrangements in advanced so that proper protocol can be followed for the safety of our entire school community. All visitors will be required to have valid identification (driver’s license/state ID) and check in the main entrance upon entering our building.