High School Students

Do you love children? 

Did you learn a lot and really enjoy H256 Early Childhood Studies?

Then EYAS Preschool is the place for you!


H257 Early Childhood Education is a class where you have an opportunity to apply the information learned in Early Childhood Studies. You would be working in an actual preschool lab.  Our EYAS Preschool setting gives you the opportunity to work with children ages 3-1/2 to 5 years.  You will be the teacher! Your responsibilities will include planning, implementation, and evaluation of lessons. If you completing this course and H256 with a "B" or higher you may be eligible for college credit when completing advanced coursework at Harper College. Meet with your counselor and sign up today!


Have you already taken H257 Early Childhood Education?

Do you want more time in the preschool?

You loved it, you know you did!


H456-457 Advanced Early Childhood Education offers you the opportunity to build upon your experiences in H257 Early Childhood Education.  You will be given even more freedom and responsibility for lesson design within out EYAS Preschool setting. You will also serve as a mentor and role model for beginning EYAS Preschool teachers. Dont delay... meet with your counselor today!

H657 Advanced Early Childhood Education Dual Credit allows you to earn both college and high school credit simultaneously.  This class will give your more time in the preschool lab planning and working with the preschoolers while also learning the theory and philosophy of early childhood care and education. Basic values, structure, organization and programming as well as an examination of your personal qualities in relationship to expectations of the field will be discussed and analyzed.